Influence the business tax

Source: DIHK "Standortfaktor Gewerbesteuer"
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Business tax 200%

The business tax is one of the few taxes you can influence by your own decision. Since 2008, this tax is no longer recognized as an operating expense.

A low business tax directly increases your profit. As a for-profit company you should not leave any legally permissible option unchecked to reduce this issue.

The municipalities themselves set the amount of the business tax. This could result in local politicians raising it at will, so as to improve the financial situation of their municipality.

It is different in Zossen. Here currently applies the nationwide statutory minimum business tax assessment rate of 200%. Less is impossible.

Our tax calculator shows the difference between the business tax payable in your community and the impact of the lowest possible tax rate on your bottom line in Zossen.

Due to prudent financial management and positive population growth Zossen has a good chance to keep the level of tax in the future under the national average.

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