Business-Ansiedlung in Zossen

Locate a business in Zossen?

First check the business tax in Schönefeld!

As a dynamic hub between East and West, the capital region is on course for growth.

In addition to the excellent rail and motorway connections, Schönefeld has recently become an increasingly attractive business location thanks to the major airport.

If you also consider the business tax in Berlin and Schönefeld, it is obvious why it is worthwhile for a company to locate in Schönefeld!

What business tax can you expect in Schönefeld at 240% ?

An extremely obvious reason for locating your business in Schönefeld is the difference in the level of trade tax in Schönefeld.

This difference becomes most obvious when you look at the trade tax rates. Or you can put it to the test and calculate the difference in the business tax calculator.

You will be amazed at the advantage Schönefeld offers as a business location!